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Join us as we share stories and accounts surrounding the supernatural, paranormal, and the unexplained phenomenons presented by our hosts. Originated in the Southwest, our focus may range from folklore to modern day mysteries. Always looking to expand our curiosities, feel free to share your stories with us. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/fear-in-the-southwest/support

About the Hosts

Andrew Bleakley Profile Photo

Andrew Bleakley

Creator/ Host

Hi I’m Andrew , I’ve been a lifelong enthusiast of everything scary, I enjoy telling stories and jokes. So much so I spook myself. I created this podcast with the fellow members to share my love of paranormal and to possibly spook the audience as well. I created Fear In The Southwest Podcast to open up listeners ears and minds to the world that has me swallowed up deep in. Listen in and enjoy the show and watch out for those gluten croutons as Alan mentioned! stay creepy my friends!

Stefini Nañez Profile Photo

Stefini Nañez

Creator/ Host

Originally from Tucson, AZ, folklore and the macabre has always fascinated me and has given me a little bit of a darker edge than the people I grew up around, but Halloween and the supernatural were a common theme in my household. From stories my parents, and grandparents told me, my mind opened up, and by the time I was 12-years-old, I started to have dreams and premonitions of things that came to be true. As a teenager I began to feel and see things others did not, especially at friends houses, and began a love of writing, turning my encounters into stories. With my love of history and personal experiences with the unknown, I look forward to sharing both on the Fear in the Southwest Podcast, and look forward to many future adventures.

Brenden Slate Profile Photo

Brenden Slate

Creator / Host

I like the podcast because ive always felt a connection with the paranormal ever since I was a kid. Plus some comedy never heart anyone 😂😂😂

Alan Bleakley Profile Photo

Alan Bleakley